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rom a very early age, I loved art, especially painting and ceramics. They were my passion. I owe this appreciation of art mainly to my dear, much loved brother, who planted those first seeds that brought me into contact with the world of art and design. Nowadays my inspiration comes from observing patterns and shapes in nature, such as dragonflies, flowers, leaves and branches. When I go for walks in the country, I like to sketch or photograph the flora and fauna - anything surprising or unusual that captures my attention. This is often the germ of an idea which I later transform and distort, adapting it to my jewellery, to reflect my mood. I also like to experiment with abstract shapes, which are often inspired by dramatic or fascinating seascapes encountered when travelling around the UK or abroad. Each piece of my jewellery is made by hand, combining silver, gold and copper, often with precious or semi-precious stones. I use a special hand-made process to transform silver to give it a natural, rugged appearance. I love using precious and semi-precious stones which stand out from the crowd: those which have an unusual cut or an interesting mark. In fact, these stones are often the creative impetus, which determines the overall shape of the piece.



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